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OTC - innovative, vibrant, professional - delivering quality law courses online. All lessons are delivered by our dedicated Online Law Tutor and are accessible worldwide.  

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OTC was established in London in 1988. During those early years, Legal Secretary Training courses were non-existent and we developed the Legal Secretary Courses which have since become so widespread and so popular. A great achievement then as general secretaries could finally study, qualify and work as Legal Secretaries.

We have since expanded to include Business Law, Paralegal courses and Administration courses which are available worldwide through our online College. Yet another great achievement as students everywhere now have access to quality law training courses to further their careers and professional status.  Enjoy the convenience of studying online for national and international students!

Our Courses
All delivered online!

paralegal courses with OTC-UK

Paralegal Courses

Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced Levels

 Introduction to Intermediate Levels - Modules 1, 2, 3 are compulsory.  
End-of-module tests online.
 Advanced Level - Module 4 is compulsory and is assignments-based.  
Post graduate Paralegal Diploma - Modules 2,3 are compulsory.

Fees:  £300.00

legal secretary courses - OTC UK

Legal Secretary Courses

 Certificate and Diploma Levels

 Conveyancing Specialist Certificate with Module 1.
Litigation Specialist Certificate with Module 2.
Combined Conveyancing and Litigation Diploma with Module 3.
 Wills and Probate Specialist Certificate with Module 4.
End-of-module tests online.

Fees:  £300.00

Business Law Courses online with OTC-UK

Business Law Courses

Business Law Certificate and Diploma Levels 

Business Law is one of our most popular programmes covering law and legal procedures. If you are a business owner, or you work within any corporate sector, in-house legal department, law firms, we recommend starting with Module 1 then any other module of interest.
End-of-module tests online.
Latest - Wills and Probate*

Fees:  £350.00

Office Administration courses -Online Training College UK

Office Administration Course

Certificate Level

Now more than ever, businesses must maintain a high level of administration services.  Customer Relations plays a huge part in  being competitive.  Our Office Administration Course gives you the level of competency and confidence required in a number of skills such as Client Relations, Business Awareness, Communication, Writing Skills, Interviewing Skills and more.  Assignments-based. 
Take our fastest growing Module*
Fees:  £300.00

Latest Students' Reviews

“I just wanted to thank you for the paralegal course. I don't have too long left now in module 3 and I'm still really enjoying it.
In fact, so much so that I've decided to go one step further and, partly due to this course, I've been accepted to the University of Essex Online uni to do the LLB (Hons) in Law with Criminology degree!....”

OTC specialises in professional law courses in Business Law, Paralegal, Legal Secretary and Office Administration.  

OTC delivers law courses online which are recognised throughout England, Wales and wherever the English Common Law system is practised overseas.

Our courses prepare students with Foundation Law and Procedural Law (practical legal skills training) making them work-ready.  

We offer competitive fees, excellent payment plans, great course structure, comprehensive course programmes and very convenient study method.

Work in the corporate sector, or a Paralegal or Legal Secretary in Conveyancing, Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Matrimonial, Wills & Probate or Corporate Law.  

We have no hidden charges.  There are no Membership Fees.  No Registration Fees.  No exam Fees.

Fee for all courses are inclusive of course material, tests, posting of diplomas and certificates.

All tests are conducted online through our Live Classroom.

With 33 years of law training expertise, we remain a leading and trusted force within the legal industry and an award-winning training provider for law courses.

Where Can I work?

Law impacts almost every aspect of everyday life, so working within the legal sector can be a rewarding experience.  Here are some areas in which our Business Law qualifications, Paralegals and Legal Secretaries are needed to work:

* The Courts and Tribunals

* Barristers' Chambers Inns of Court

* Law Firms

* The Probation Service

* Crown Prosecution Service

* Real Estate

* Property Management

* Legal departments in Banking and Finance, Insurance, Local Councils et al

* Road Traffic Accident claims, Debt Recovery, Small Civil Claims.

* Paralegal Services Agencies 

* In-House Legal Departments of corporate sector

* Preparing Wills

* Dealing with Divorces - defended and undefended

* Business Incorporations and Insolvencies

Privacy Policy

As part of our registration process, we will be given personal details.  These details will not be divulged willingly to any third parties, without the expressed consent of our clients.

 Our Privacy Policy complies with UK.GDPR

For payments, we do not keep your bank account or card details and we will never request any such information by telephone, email or text!

Be payment-safe online.


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