“Hi.  Since the course I have been asked to prepare a GPA and would be grateful if you could confirm if a GPA is valid for one year or open ended? I cannot find the expiry time on my notes.”


“............. if the Donor dies, the GPA will expire.  If the wishes never change, the General Power of Attorney will ..........”

“Wendy, that is just what I wanted, thank you.”

“I’m very happy with such good results and in general, I enjoyed the training a lot!.”

“Special thanks to Wendy for all the effort she put, delivering such quality material in a very simple and effective way. Also, thank you Abbey and any team member who helped making the studies possible in a busy work life. This indeed has contributed to have such achievement.”

“Many thanks for sending through my diploma, I received it in yesterday's ( 11/03/2021) post.

 I have recommended you to several of my work colleagues who are also interested in taking a paralegal course.

Once again thank you for all your help in my journey through both courses.”

“I feel like I already know you. I've been spending quite some time daily with you on your video sessions.
The video sessions are excellent I have to say.”

“Hello Wendy

Re: Administration Course

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the way you present this course, it is clear and concise. The content is very informative and helpful. I am doing this course as a precursor for the Paralegal Course.

I wish to thank you for this most enjoyable course.

I look forward to the next one...”

“Hello Wendy

Thank you very much. I found the course to be very good and the bite-sized nature of the videos to be very helpful (I would listen to them during my lunchtime). I'm probably not the usual/typical student, in that I am the CFO and Chief Operating Officer for an investment firm and was selected for CPD monitoring by a professional accounting institute, so I wanted to find something that could tangibly assist me in my work and potentially, whatever I decide to do once I hang up my calculator. I have had a fairly wide experience of HR matters (hence the drawing on experience for the earlier assignments) but never came too close to the actual legal document production (such as the claim letters). I do tend to put a lot into whatever I do and I have to say that the course was professionally very interesting and stimulating. I found that it actually took me away from the usual stresses associated with my day work to focus on something else. Analysing each situation played to one of my strengths and explaining things step-by-step as adviser rather than client was actually very satisfying. I did have to research answers and now, for example, I have a couple of medical texts on the shelves at home! I actually completed Assignment 12 when on vacation in China, and took everything along with me (ie previous answers etc that contained the facts of poor Mrs Jones's case) such was my eagerness!

Overall I am extremely pleased that I took the course. It is very good value and professionally very helpful from a wide variety of perspectives”

“I loved the course. I found it really helpful, and I loved that it challenged me.  Having come from a criminal law background looking into other aspects of law has been a real eye opener. 

Thanks so much for the help and advice.

Lenore Faulkner, British Virgin Islands

“I got accepted to 2 universities - The Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Birmingham University. I chose MMU. Thought I should let you know as you were a big help to me”. 

“Good morning!

I just wanted to thank you for the paralegal course. I don't have too long left now in module 3 and I'm still really enjoying it.

In fact, so much so that I've decided to go one step further and, partly due to this course, I've been accepted to the University of Essex Online uni to do the LLB (Hons) in Law with Criminology degree! I honestly think that without doing your course I never would have realised my potential or that I could ever dream of doing a law degree.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for a great and interesting course!


“This course is so enjoyable!

I was made redundant in November after 20 years in the same company and floundered for a while before I figured out my next move. In my old job I worked a lot with lawyers and was a compliance manager/regulator for broadcast content for a major TV broadcaster so thought I'd take my admin skills and my legal interest and combine them to try and change careers. Studying so late in life was hard at first but I'm on a roll now and will probably apply for the module 4 advanced course too once I've finished 1-3!

I'm really enjoying the course.

Thanks again .”

“Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful tutoring. I have just received my Diploma and so proud.

I will probably be starting on Level 4 shortly - so will see you soon.”

“I found the course well done, the teacher was clear, professional and funny! She was a perfect teacher! If you are interested in the activites regarding law firms... please do it, study and you will love all these matters! Now I have a Paralegal Diploma.”

“Praise Module 1.
I am spending the 
Saturday morning 
with my lecturer on 
video lectures and I 
MUST say that it is 
an absolute 
pleasure. Such a 
delightful person and 
the material SO well 
represented. I 
sincerely hope my 
results will do justice 
to the great level of 
lecturing that I am 
“I feel a sense of pride having completed the  Advanced Paralegal Diploma Course. Although challenging, it was certainly not insurmountable. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge which has certainly prepared me to address a myriad of legal issues in the line of my day to day duties at the Bank. It has helped me to develop my analytical and research skills in preparation for advancing my career. I will recommend this course to anyone who is serious about 
deepening their understanding in the roles and responsibilities in becoming a Paralegal expert.”
“Today I received 
my Diploma. I am 
now a fully fledged 
and qualified 

“I have been offered a position with a firm of Solicitors and I have given your details as a reference, I trust this is ok. I thoroughly enjoyed my study time with you and I feel that I would not be advancing my career without the knowledge that I gleaned from you and your courses.”
“I belong to a developing country of Pakistan. It was always my dream to get international certification in the field of Law from a 
prestigious institution of United Kingdom which otherwise was not possible for me due to job engagement and family affairs. You 
fulfilled my dream and I am feeling proud that I completed this course online under your kind supervision. This course has really given 
me an in-depth understanding of the UK legal and justice system and it will definitely help me in my career as a legal professional. The 
lessons delivered by you are really remarkable and easily understandable to international students. I wish you and your team 
continued good luck.”

“Anyone wishing to take the leap from Secretary to Fee Earner, this is definitely the route to take. I cannot thank all those involved with OTC enough for their help and enthusiasm”.
“Very enjoyable course so far. Wendy is a great tutor and the lectures are conducted in an engaging manner and are comprehensive. Big thanks to OTC for the great course! I am on my final module for the Paralegal Diploma and have been impressed with the quality of the lectures. Thanks again!” 

“Hi Wendy

Just a note to let you know that I received my Law Diploma in the mail today and it arrived in perfect condition.

Although I am employed in a family business and not a legal environment, the knowledge that I gained has been extremely useful as I am the Accountant and look after all the legal and corporate aspects of the business. It was a great feeling to receive As on all my assignments and I thank you again for some very informative, and at times, challenging courses. For me I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and personal development and I really enjoyed all of the courses.

Thanks again to you and Abbey and I wish you continued success.

Very best regards.


David Michael Laird, MCMI, F.Inst.Para. 

Successfully completed our Senior Paralegal Skills & Techniques and achieved the Advanced Level Paralegal qualification and diploma.

Congratulations to Mr David Laird MCMI, F.Inst Para who has achieved the status of Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals. Having successfully completed our Advanced Paralegal Course and achieved the Senior Paralegal Diploma, Mr Laird has joined the ranks of High Achievers. He also holds post graduate diplomas in Criminology and Business Law among his many legal qualifications.  We wish him continued success for a future which he can now approach with more confidence and vigour.

“The Conveyancing qualification will significantly add to my Paralegal Repertoire. 

The Distance Learning Course was well structured and adapted to Home Study -particularly the Online Videos, which leaves me without any hesitation in recommending the Course and indeed the OTC to other fellow aspirants.


“Thank you for taking the time to teach us, I have really learnt a lot and I hope to put it into practise. I will recommend your course to my friends and family.

Kind regards.


“I have paid my course fees and the re-sit fee. I don't wish to make anymore payment as I do not have a job and can't afford anymore payment. I hope to pass all my exams this time around.

Kind regards.


“Hello Wendy

So sorry I forgot to tell you, I got a job in a law firm as a Legal Secretary. I basically do different things from typing, Immigration casework, attending court etc. It's in a law firm in Tottenham, North London. I would like to know when I will get my diploma, as I need to show to my Employers. Thank you for everything and hope to hear from you.

Kind regards.


“Wendy there is sadness in the air- because I am through with the Modules I wanted to take…. It was such a great pleasure to follow your lectures! I had a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot! I will add you on FB tonight and whenever you are in NL or even BE, drop me a line and I would be pleased to meet you. I am Russian but have been living abroad for quite some time already. Germany, Brazil, Belgium and now Holland”

“I hope you are well. I have been working in conveyancing for 6 months now and I am really enjoying it”.

“I am so pleased that I finally found a job. It keeps my self esteem up and this type of position reminds me how lucky I am".

“I cant tell you how much I am enjoying this course.  I just love it and sometimes its like Wendy is reading my mind!!!!!! I will be thinking ‘but why is.....’ and she will then say ‘you are probably thinking - but why is....’ I can’t praise this course highly enough”

“Loving the course, I did this at college 18 years ago and managed to give birth to my now 17year old son right near the end which stalled things a little to say the 
least. I'm 45 years old and after a successful sales career and 3 children in total I've decided to come back to it.. Loved it then and still passionate.. Thank You.”
“This Paralegal Course is of higher quality than the legal studies I have done before, a few years ago, for Legal Executive Part 1 Year 2 at Exeter College. Impressive.”

“I commenced the Distance Learning, Paralegal Specialist Conveyancing Certificate Course, and have completed all the Lectures which I found to be very comprehensive, informative and one might say user-friendly”

"You were and still are, a massive inspiration to women." 
“I can confirm that if we ever come to London, we shall make a point to see if we can meet you for a great coffee. Thank you for inspiring others within Law because, trust me, you are not a good teacher.. no...you are a great one!
“Dear Wendy, I have received my Diploma in the post today and i am over the moon. I would like to say a big thank you for all your support during the course 
of my studies, you have been a great inspiration to me. The Lessons are very well presented and easy to understand and i have enjoyed every minute of it. 
At the moment, i have some serious commitments but as soon as i have dealt with them i would like to pursue the advanced diploma. Thank you very much.”

“Hi Wendy

I just wanted to let you know that I got the job at Maples and Calder. My start date is June 1, 2010. Thank you for your assistance in completing the legal secretary programme.

All the best”

“This is a fantastic course I loved every second of it!

You are one of the best teachers I ever had. I never had any problems in understanding the topics and you were very helpful whenever I needed some guidance. I never studied law before and I am so glad my first try was through this course.

Thank you again Wendy.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such an informative and well structured course. I found this programme to be very, very useful to my every day job and duties within my work.

If your institution is planning to offer an upper level course to this programme, I will be very interested in learning more of such and probably consider taking such courses.  

Many thanks for such a wonderful course.

Best wishes.”

“ I did a Paralegal Diploma with xxxxx. I completed approx. 30% of your module 1. I am not certain if it is of the same caliber as OTC paralegal diploma. My aim is to reach module 4 to be completely qualified…”

“Hi Wendy, I went through the first 4 video lessons of Module 1 of the Paralegal course. They are fantastic, easy to understand, clear concise and up to the point.  
I love it so far.”

Hi OTC Team

“I have completed module 3 regarding Civil, Criminal and Matrimonial. I would like to thank you for your professionalism in course delivery and clarity of materials and recordings. Thanks again and I will be recommending your online course to my friends and family.



“I think your Course has been fantastic! Before I started I really knew nothing. Module one gave me a very good base and now in Module two I can see how it works in practise. The best thing is that you have made me realise what an interesting subject law really is and how it affects our lives! I will be able to go back to my notes in the future, they are great! Add to that your good sense of humour. You have had me laughing on many occasions. Don't really want to finish Module two! My aim is to sit the mature entrance exam at the Law school in June (got a place in September if I make the test). I just want to continue study and see what happens”

Extract from a dialogue between 2 of our students.

Published with kind permission from Edna & Agnes.

Edna: Just signing on for the first time as a new student starting sessions Monday
Agnes: Im waiting to do last exam
Edna: How was the Course?
Agnes: It was quite good. I learned a lot of stuff more than I actually expected. My friends who have finished law school said it was almost like their last year, only not as detailed
Edna: I will be doing Paralegal Modules 1,2,3. What did you take?
Agnes: Legal Secretary Dip
Edna: Where are you from?
Agnes: Trinidad and Tobago the West Indies
Edna: K I am in Nevis
Agnes: as in St Kitts & Nevis?
Edna: Yes
Agnes: ok thats cool, never been there before
Edna: May catch up with you another time, about to go do an errand
Agnes: ok have a great 1
Edna: U too, All the best with your exam
Agnes: thnks..!!!
Edna: when is it?
Agnes: like 2 mins
Edna: K C U.”

“Hi Wendy

I really enjoyed the course - you are a very good teacher you know!”

“I am really enjoying the lectures and find the presentation very informative. I have been most impressed with the flexible nature of this course and with the unlimited support that I have been offered. I have completed the course from Thailand and have found Wendy extremely helpful when I have experienced communication challenges this end! The course was presented clearly and I have thoroughly enjoyed studying!

Thank you.”