Future for Paralegals

By Wendy Souter

The future for Paralegal Professionals is very much linked with the future of the Legal Profession. In the UK, we are seeing an expansion of the legal sector. There was a time when only Solicitors could offer legal services to paying members of the public. Barristers were dependent on Solicitors instructing them in litigation matters. Today, Barristers are now a competing force with Solicitors for the provision of Litigation services. In addition, Paralegals are also encroaching upon the once protected legal services provided by Solicitors.  Many corporate businesses have an In-House legal department which will be another area relying on Paralegals.  The scales are tipped upwards in favour of the growth for paralegals.  

Some may argue that we have one of the most expensive legal systems in the world. From this point of view, the role of paralegals is expanding rapidly.

We must tread carefully, however, that such expansion does not mean the erosion of the highly professional legal service we have come to know and expect.

Levels of qualifications must be maintained. Levels of customer satisfaction must be maintained.

Recently we have seen Solicitors and Barristers protesting publicly against the proposed cuts in Legal Aid. Many Solicitors and Barristers have already given up offering their services to legally aided clients, especially for criminal matters.  

This could be bad news for Criminal Litigation without the services of Paralegals.

If solicitors want to continue attracting and retaining clients in the face of mounting competition, they must utilise the services of good Paralegals.

Some within our industry are campaigning for the Paralegal Profession to become the fourth legal profession behind Solicitors, Barristers and Legal Executives. This will bode very well for those who wish to see lower legal fees, provided standards are maintained. While the Legal Profession is undergoing several changes, we hope that Paralegals will continue to be trained and guided by the best and remain working under expert supervision until they attain the level of working experience that the public can rely upon.  

The future looks bright for Paralegals and as a Training Provider, OTC will continue to maintain the quality of our training so that this emerging profession continues to suceed!  

While the entire legal profession is undergoing major changes, one thing is certain and that is the law profession will endure, along with the bright future for paralegals.