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Wendy Souter with HRH Prince Charles at opening of OTC in 1988

About Us

OTC enjoys a remarkable history which began in London in 1988 and has an ever growing list of students both in the UK and worldwide.  Our reputation is not based on clever marketing nor slick advertising.  We are a vibrant, forward thinking and innovative institution with a solid, proven and well earned history which students and legal employers have come to appreciate, admire and trust.  Our history shows our students getting jobs, progressing to universities, gaining promotions.

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Coming from a legal background where Wendy worked for many years in various aspects of law, she saw the need to create a programme allowing general secretaries and PAs to qualify and work as Legal Secretaries. In 1988, she developed the Legal Secretary Courses and set up her Law Training College in the City of London, making us one of the oldest law educational institutions in the UK.

Introducing Legal Secretarial Courses back in 1988, was an uphill battle. Employment Agencies were of the opinion then that legal secretaries could not be 'taught' and could only acquire legal knowledge and expertise from working in law firms. We provided many Agencies with the documentation to test suitability of candidates and set the standard for Legal Secretarial Courses. Since those early days, legal secretary courses have grown in popularity, to the extent we see today. We have also seen the rise of various bodies now vying to oversee the Legal Secretary and Paralegal professions.

After 12 years of hard work to get her College and Courses the recognition and good reputation they enjoy today, the training centre was sold to new owners, so that Wendy could switch her attention to promoting the new online college, representing the new digital era in education. Another great achievement allowing students to take advantage of further education without losing time and money travelling to external facilities.

We worked and continue to work in association with law firms, business leaders and professional bodies to formulate our programmes which are geared towards required workplace practises. The Law courses are  recognised by solicitors and barristers both in the UK and overseas. Our Conveyancing Course is in conjunction with the Law Society Conveyancing Protocol.

Now students and Law Firms, not only throughout the UK but also from Barbados, South Africa, Australia, Cayman Islands, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Dubai and elsewhere are benefiting. Solicitors are relying far more on professionally trained legal personnel and we will continue to provide excellent training to the legal sector.

In a recent interview given by Wendy, she said

“The main reason I decided to take this route was to give as many people as possible the opportunity to make good careers for themselves and to earn good salaries. I remember I had a student who travelled all the way from Doncaster to the Liverpool Street Training College every Saturday morning. While she showed great determination, I thought that instead of students having to come to me, I would go to them. This is very much appreciated by students worldwide.

It's a great feeling knowing that finally people everywhere can have the same opportunities. Thanks to modern technology and thanks to Mr. Gates”.

Celebrating 30 Years of History!
1988 - 2018

Legal Secretary at Hook and Partners, Solicitors

"Congratulations Wendy you deserve 30 years teaching , your lessons are brilliant . I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying with Online Training College."

President & CEO

"Congratulations Wendy on your work anniversary!"

Litigation Paralegal at Maples and Calder
"Congrats on your work anniversary!"

30 Years of History

1988 - 2018

OTC is 30!

OTC was established in 1988.  We collaborated with community business leaders from the East London Small Business Centre, Whitechapel, London, Lloyds of London, solicitors and professional governing bodies. We developed the Legal Secretary Courses and opened our Training College in the City of London.