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There is a 2-year time limit to complete

Office Administration Course online with OTC - UK

Office Administration Course


1. Business Awareness - Understanding the commercial nature of Business

2. Client Relations - Getting to Know your Client, Staff, Team

3. Dealing with the Persistent Complainant - Knowing and Utilising Complaints Procedures

4. Communication - Tailoring your Style of Communication

5. Interviewing - Identifying the facts and issues from Interviews

6. Managing Others - Effective People Management

7. Professional Conduct - Exercising good standard of Client Care and work

8. Self Awareness - Evaluating your Professional Strengths and Weaknesses

9. Working with Others - Appreciating your Role and Responsibilities

10. Effective Writing - Informative and Persuasive Writing

11. Workload Management - Setting Realistic Timescales

12. Public Relations - Spreading Information to Gain Public Awareness

13. Filing and Record Keeping - Office Management and Filing Practises

14. Office Etiquette - Ways to a Happy Office Environment

15. Proofreading Skills

This Course is assignments-based.  There is no end-of-module test.

Course Fees

Full Payment: £350.00 (including 9% discount)

Instalments: £127.17 x 3 monthly

Eligibility for Administration Course with  OTC-UK

Office Administration Course Eligibility

No previous experience necessary

Our Office Administration Course is currently the fastest growing course and it  is open to everyone working or wish to work within the Administration or Human Resources Department of any business sector. There is no age limit to complete this Course.

On successful completion, students will receive the Office Administration Certificate proving their ability and commitment for excellent work. This course is universal as good Client Relations is vital to all businesses worldwide.

Get ahead with an administration qualification. Learn Interviewing Skills, Professional Conduct, Communication and much more!

Minimum Estimated Study Time:   4 Weeks (based on 2 hours study per week)

Students have up to 2 years to complete the Module for which they have registered.
All instalments must be completed prior to issue of Certificate.

Certificate will be issued on successful completion.

Office Administration
Course online with OTC

This course will give you the level of competency required in a number of skills such as Client Relations, Business Awareness, Communication, Writing Skills, Interviewing Skills and more, which are all extremely necessary in order to maintain good client relationships and satisfaction.

Good Customer or Client Relations is perhaps even more important now than ever before - not only in the UK but worldwide.

An Office Administrator is a valuable member of any business team and being able to work competently and confidently is vital. This Course is suitable for PAs, general secretaries or those working in Human Resources.

We developed this Administration Course for Trinity College which can also be undertaken with us at OTC.

In these highly competitive days, employers and employees need to be at the forefront in order to maintain their positions within the market place.

Gaining an Office Administration qualification should give you the competitive edge by showing your determination and ability to excel in this most vital of areas.

Get ahead with our Office Administration Certificate.

Minimum Estimated Study Time: 4 weeks - based on 2 hours study each week.   Students can complete in a longer or shorter time as they find convenient. There is a 2-year limit to complete the course.


We are registered Member of UK Register of Learning Providers.

Registration Number: 10026522

What Our Office Admin Students Say

“Hello Wendy

Re: Administration Course

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the way you present this course, it is clear and concise. The content is very informative and helpful. I am doing this course as a precursor for the Paralegal Course.”

I wish to thank you for this most enjoyable course.

I look forward to the next one....”

“Thank you for the interesting lessons. I am enjoying the sessions very much.”

“Thank you very much for the interesting course, it was very beneficial for me.”

“Yet again, I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.”

“I got all 4 Certificates today. Your training helped us a lot to excel in our job.”