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Hurricane Dorian Devastates Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian Hits Bahamas September 2019

Another year - another Island devastation!  Hurricane Dorian has been deemed the most powerful Atlantic hurricane to make landfall.  Please do not ignore the people of the Bahamas - comprising about 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean and all who yet maybe affected by this force of nature.

This is a reminder that during the summer holiday season of July and August, our admin team will be taking their well-deserved breaks. At this time, our administration will be a bit slow so we ask for your patience as it will take us longer to process assignments, arrange test dates, respond to emails etc.

We will return to normal in September.

OTC is in the process of updating its servers this Saturday.  We anticipate that this will last approximately 3 hours and will be fully updated by 1.00pm.  Please bear with us while this process is ongoing.   Lessons will be accessible once the process is complete. 

We apologise for the short delay experienced from 3.00pm Saturday 6 April 2019 until 10.30am Sunday 7 April 2019.  This was due to updates being carried out on our system.  All updates are now complete and services have been fully restored.  

Welcome to the new year. We hope for even better prospects in 2019 and as such, we have added a new recruitment opportunity with our website.

Employparalegals connects legal employers with our students who have qualified as paralegals and with paralegals worldwide who are looking for new job opportunities. If you wish to work as a paralegal, a paralegal temp, a short term, long term, contract paralegal, freelance paralegal join us. Sign up and create your profile so that legal employers can find you. This is a free opportunity for all OTC students within the UK, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. We also welcome paralegals from overseas who are looking to work as paralegals within their country. We welcome all legal employers to use our platform to find new paralegal employees.

Technology is allowing more and more individuals to work from home, work part time with flexible working hours, so take this opportunity of joining and expand your job prospects. Your privacy is protected and we will not divulge any personal or private information to any third parties, without the expressed consent of our candidates. Once you have uploaded your profile, only your legal speciality, qualification, work experience, name will be revealed. Legal Employers will select their candidate and we will then connect them with you with your expressed consent.

We wish you all a very happy 2019 and here's to More Job Opportunities .